Terry ranch water credits

raw water dedication​

Terry Ranch water credits are fully approved for raw water dedication with the City of Greeley, and have a proven track record of providing a cost-effective alternative to higher cost water share and cash-in-lieu prices.

Our trusted partners include developers working on residential, commercial and industrial projects across the City of Greeley.

Why Choose terry ranch water credits


Terry Ranch water credits are available at a significant discount to cash-in-lieu and other City of Greeley-accepted water share prices.


Terry Ranch credits are the preferred choice by developers in Greeley; credits have been actively traded since 2021.


Credits can be dedicated immediately or held long term for all potable and non-potable raw water dedication requirements; redeemable for all residential,commercial, and industrial needs.


The transfer process is straightforward; all ownership transfers are digitally tracked, certified and fully endorsed by the City of Greeley.